Advice For Container Shipping

When it comes to sending packages, if your business expands and you send hundreds, if not thousands, of packages every month to customers abroad. It may be worth considering to send them in bulk in a container, and then get a local courier to distribute them. This scenario will work well if you send a large number of packages to Northern Europe.

So, what do you need to know about when you ship a container full of packages?

First, you can rent a room in a container (it would be unusual to buy it), and they come in two sizes, 20 \’and 40\’. Container 20 \’has a capacity of from 850 to 1050 cubic feet, and container 40\’ has a capacity of from 1850 to 2200 cubic feet. You must notify a delivery agent at least 7 days in advance to rent a container.


To give an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis space, a 20-inch container will contain the contents of a 1-2-bedroom house, and a 40-foot container will store the contents of a 3-5-bedroom house.

After your container has been shipped, your agent abroad will notify you of your arrival, and you will have about 5 days to work with customs and empty the contents of your container. During this time, the container agent may charge for storage.

Items that should not be shipped in containers: jewelry, aerosols, alcohol, flammable or dangerous products, firearms, live plants, financial documents, or other important documents.

As for the documents, you will have to make two lists for insurance purposes. Each will have the cost of spare goods for the insurance company, and this should be sent to them or to their container shipping company if you insure them. Another list that is required is one for a foreigner, however this will have no value.

When your container arrives abroad, you will have to go through customs, as well as pay the port fee, and then pick up your goods or arrange for the continuous delivery of containers from Davenport Laroche reviews.


You can do it yourself, but we advise you to use a customs agent, courier service parcel or local delivery agent, as they will be used to process all documents and, therefore, you can make sure that your container for transporting packages is fast through customs. It is impractical to carry out this process on your own, especially when you are sending to foreign countries where the language can be a significant barrier.

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